Health care experts address oil, gas concerns

Answers to the tough questions of how oil and gas drilling is affecting Coloradans' health haven't come easily in recent years, and there wasn't much more clarity offered for members of the Colorado Oil and Gas task force on Thursday.  

Timnath residents worry about drilling's health effects

Some Timnath parents worry they're being forced to participate in a long-term experiment about the health effects of living near oil and gas drilling sites.  

Colorado property tax report shows big jump in values

Colorado residential and business property values, with the exception of natural resources, are up sharply in the past two years, according to a report Thursday from the state's Division of Property Taxation.  

Facing Strong Pro-Energy Turnout in Greeley, Anti-Fracking Activists Turn to Desperation Tactics

Oil and gas task force hearings aren't exactly going activists' way - and they're starting to get desperate.  

Oil and gas chief: Local government needs more say in siting oil, gas wells

Colorado has nearly 2,000 active oil and gas wells for every inspector and would need to add one inspector a year to keep up with recent trends, the state's top energy industry regulator said Thursday.  

Remember mineral owners in fracking debate

LTE Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development recently shared an important, but often under-told story about farmers who support fracking.  

Comedian Jon Stewart on Keystone XL Pipeline

This is a hilarious segment from "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" on the Keystone XL Pipeline Debate.  

Just Fracking Wrong: Colo. Task Force Leader Undermines Her Credibility

Gwen Lachelt says banning HF isn't about stopping O&G development, but she knows better than that.