Keystone XL Pipeline: Facts are Facts

It seems as though the polarization of the United States is increasing. As issues continue to emerge, the spin is spun and citizens of this once united nation find themselves at odds with neighbors, friends, coworkers and even family. One recent issue involves the passage of the Keystone XL pipeline.  

Gas and oil group looks at local control

A natural-gas and oil task force weighing local control issues on Thursday heard from local government representatives who offered diverse perspectives.  

Wide range of views greets fracking panel in Loveland

Elected officials, residents for and against stricter regulations for industry give input  

Oil and Gas Task Force grapples with local control

With environmental groups rallying outside Thursday, the governor's Oil and Gas Task Force grappled with matters of local control that sparked controversy in multiple Northern Colorado communities this year, including Fort Collins.  

City, County Officials Debunk Activist Talking Points on Local Energy Bans

Mesa County's Board of Commissioners passed a resolution supporting the existing statutory and regulatory framework that allows local governments to oversee oil and gas operations.  

Earthworks Brings 'War on Fracking' to Colorado Oil & Gas Task Force

The activist group Earthworks has been invited to testify at today's meeting of the Colorado oil and gas task force. Based on past experience with other activist organizations, Earthworks will likely present itself to the task force, news media and general public as a group that simply wants to improve the way oil and gas development is regulated. But the facts tell a very different story.  

Boulder, Weld counties go head to head on local control over oil and gas

Commissioner: 'Boulder County does not want to be Weld County'  

Shale Revolution: Opportunity To Jump-Start Economic Growth

Will the U.S. shale boom turn out to be a bust? The recent decline in oil prices has left some questioning whether it can be sustained.